Friday, January 16, 2015

Style: Casual Weekend

The weekend is here and if you're thinking of having a very casual one then you probably want to dress accordingly. So whether you're going grocery shopping for afternoon baking, or just taking a stroll through your neighborhood's main street doing window shopping or even just having a coffee at the park, you want to be comfortably dressed yet still look presentable (I don't believe in wearing sweatpants unless you're going to the gym or staying at home!)

Read on to find out how to dress chic for a casual weekend!

Jeans are very practical and work well with everything. For this casual weekend look I modeled a chunky sweater (warm enough to walk around with) on top of a wool blend sweater. Added some flare jeans and paired them with fringed cowgirl boots. You can find similar styles to get my look. 

Top: H&M
Open Sweater: J.Crew

Boots: Rampage


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