Thursday, January 8, 2015

Decorating: Grouping Pictures, Frames & Artwork

Some people spend hundreds of dollars to get artworks or picture frames hanged professionally on their wall, specially if it's a grouping. You have to put some thought on the framing and placement of hanging a group of anything (pictures, frames, artwork) so that it  Give new life to that boring blank wall and paint and an eye for the right arrangement. 

Here's how to do it with style -- without big framing costs.

Practice First:
Use a big table or the floor to lay down all the pieces you want to hang, then start moving them around until you get the arrangement you like. 

Decorating Advice:
Surround a framed picture with framed artworks in a variety of styles with similar color tones. The mix of styles gives the gallery a collected-over-time look so it’s easy to change it up as you find new pieces to add.

Scale up:
For impact without busyness don’t have a frame smaller than 12 inches squares.
Keep the amount of space between frames as consistent as possible.

For more tips visit some of these website below that show you different ways to inspire you and make the process easier:

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