Friday, January 9, 2015

Decorating: Living Rooms

Traditional or Modern? Rustic or Vintage? French or Spanish?
With so many design styles to choose from it's hard knowing how to come up with a design that works for you. Whether to choose one color for the living room or have a palette of 2-3 colors to work with and whether to use gold accessories for a sophisticated look or incorporate a more relaxed feeling using wood and natural materials.

Find out tips and tricks on decorating a living room adding your own style. 

Color schemes: use 3 or 4 main colors or shade
1 main color for walls
1 color for large accents (couches, chairs)
1-2 color for smaller accents/accessories (pillows, flowers, decorative boxes, vases)

Source: Merry Pad
Add texture:
Linen draperies (curtains)
Shiny silk cushions

Velvet toss pillows
Rattan chairs
Woven baskets

Source: Target 
Source: Target
+Consider textiles that suit your lifestyle;

If you have kids and dogs then you may not want a light cotton sofa but rather a darker leather may suit you best.

Add big statement furniture;
Have a large sofa, some club chairs, and then one or two slender arm chairs with attractive legs (wood leg showing)

Source: Pier 1 
Source: Pier 1

+Designers recommend that even the smallest rooms have one large statement piece such as a large armoire or cabinet. A mix of big and little is key to successful design.


Trays, baskets, candles, decorative boxes and bowls, etc. 
Source: Kirkland's
Source: Home Decorators Collection
Source: Kirkland's

+Designers love using trays, decorative bowls and baskets.

For a glamourous look add a glitzy gold or silver tray to your coffee table. On top of the tray place a pretty candle, small bowl (shiny as well or any bright color) and large coffee table books. Don’t forget a set of coasters! (Wouldn’t want anyone ruining your pretty table, now would you?)

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