Hi there! I’m Aldana. 
A lover of art, architecture/design, and fashion. In this lifestyle blog you will find tips, ideas and all the pretty treasures this world has to offer. Here at Bella Menti I love to cover anything from interiors and style to art and literature as well as share some of the photos I take. I will also be covering health/fitness and travel articles in the future. 

Bella Menti (meaning beautiful minds in Italian) is basically about providing creative inspirations in hopes of expanding the beautiful minds of people all over the world as well as sharing what I love most. As an artist, I see beauty in all things that surround me and I take a little bit of inspiration from each. Nature is my number one source of inspiration because it has so much to offer and it's there for you free but most importantly because of all its beauty. (Who doesn't love to watch the sunset by the shore or how the snow covers the mountains like a blanket or how the colors of the leaves change come fall?)
Life is full of beauty, embrace it! -A

Thank you for visiting, enjoy!

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