Thursday, January 22, 2015

Looking up: Architecture & Design

Have you ever seen something so eye catching that you get lost in the moment? Yeah, this happens to me often, whenever I pass by any building that has amazing architectural design. I often find myself looking up, gazing at the small details, and often thinking how they did that.

 Read on about a little bit of history on architecture and see more photos!

There's something about every building, every bridge, every house ever built. There's so much history (my favorite part) that goes with each and every one. All architecture have 3 main principles in common; Durability, Utility & Beauty. And as with everything in life, architecture has been changing since the beginning of time when building (anything) has evolved by the dynamics of needs (shelter, security, worship) and means (materials available and skills). As cultures developed and advances so did the practice of building which became a craft. 

One of my favorite books I read called History of Architecture: From Classic to Contemporary highlights everything there is to know about the subject. I recommend it for anyone interested in the craft or if you just really like the history of buildings and such. (I believe the link above for the book is the same book just a different cover.)

If you would like to see more books on architecture check out the Art, Architecture and Photography section at Barnes and Noble. 

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