Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, Same You?

New Year, Same You?
Every New Year's Day people say "My new year's resolution is.." or, "I'm going to do this and that..." but no one really follows through. Or if they follow through with their plan, most just give up by the next month. How about actually sticking to your new year's resolution this time, read on to find out things you can do to change your life a little and start this new year fresh and happy. 
4.    For the soul-
      1.       For the home-
Paint is probably the best way to upgrade your home for a total makeover, and there’s hundreds of colors to choose from. You can choose to paint one room or (if you have the time and money) your whole house. Below are some of my favorite colors.
Pick up your brushes, get set, PAINT!

2.       For the home-
If painting your house (or even a room or two) seems too much of a hastle opt for an easier, faster option. Buy some fun pillows and blankets for your sofa or get a colorful rug to add a pop of color to any living space. There are some products I found that have a personality all of their own. Let me know what you think!

3.       For the home-
If you want to save money but still give your home an upgrade, you can! Start by rearranging your furniture (the cheapest and most efficient way to give your home a new look) and/or bringing art onto your bare walls. In today’s age when we say art anything goes, really! So be it something that you (or someone you love) painted or a collage that was created just add a frame and you’ve got a new piece to add to your place. 

      Try a new activity, maybe you’ll end up with a new hobby by the end of the year. Plus, it is always great to have something to do other than work or chores, am I right? Check out this list of activities and classes to attend that I put together.

5.       For the soul-
This one could go with #5 but really it has its own category. Learn a new language. Oui, you can! It will be great for your brain and will open doors to new opportunities be it when you travel or, better yet, at your job (or if you’re applying for a new one). 

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