Friday, January 30, 2015

Art: Appreciation of the Arts

Paintings (or any art for that matter) are like the fingerprints of artists. Not one painting is ever the same. There's different emotions behind each one, different circumstances under which it was painted, different techniques used, and even different materials. Artists are their own persona, each one with their own experiences and knowledge. They each convey different meanings. In another words, every artist has its own language and it takes years to develop that language. 

Appreciating an artist's language can be hard and it often takes time for the audience to understand what he or she was trying to say. It is also important to remember that not everyone was born with the ability to understand art, thus they will never appreciate it (and that, my friends, is very sad).

In a Sea of Blues Progress 

When you look at a work of art, be it a painting, sculpture or in any other form you have to analyze it carefully. Like a poem, paintings  can mean one thing to you and another thing to someone else or it can mean more than one thing all together. It all depends on the individual's life experiences or how each of them sees the artwork. Some people have the ability to analyze works on a much deeper level, thinking about what the artists might have gone through at the time of painting the picture or how the artist was feeling based on the brushstrokes.
"In a Sea of Blues" 
If you every met an artist and asked what their works mean or the message behind them, more often than not they will give just a superficial description of it. This does not mean that the artist doesn't know their message or why they painted it but because if they explains it deeply enough they wouldn't have painted it in the first place. A painting should be able to speak for itself. An artist paints because it's the best way to express himself, otherwise he would just talk or write about it.

Take me for example, I paint. I love to paint seascapes mostly because they relax me. Since I don't live at the beach, thinking about  the shore sets a tranquility scene for me. It's my escape from the everyday life. 

I just gave you why I like to paint, yes but that's just the superficial aspect of it. Like many artists, it is hard for me to express or interpret my own paintings to my audience. I like to tell those that see my artwork to get whatever message they want from it, as everyone has their own point of view in life. In fact, I love it when people tell me what they think my art means to them. Each one has a different take on it and it comes to show me that every has their own imagination. 


"Fire Sunset"

"Afternoon Tides"

Many people have asked what or who is my inspiration, but it's not one things that inspires me. I get inspired by everything and everyone around me, past and present. Where I come from, the places I've been, where I am in life right now, the music I listen to, the books I read, the people I have met and those I'm still in contact with, those are the things that inspire me everyday. I also like the beauty of nature, and probably have said this more than once; "Nature has everything to offer for free and time is all you need to take it all in."  So whether it's a trip to the beach, a walk to the park or just hanging out in my backyard I like to stop, listen and feel. There's so much out there but today everyone is so busy to notice the simple things. It may be cliche but it's true. 

So next time you have the option to sit at home watching TV or to go out to the beach/park or simply be outside, always choose the latter.  And who knows, maybe inspiration strikes and you can create something beautiful. 
"Night at the Beach"

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