Thursday, February 5, 2015

Lovely Hearts Art

Here's another fun project, make this Lovely Hearts canvas artwork. 

This cute and simple canvas art will look great on any wall and if you're thinking of having a breakfast or brunch date with your gal pals, or family you can use this as decoration for your Valentine's Day themed table. 

-Paint (I used acrylics but you can use watercolors)

Start by getting your paint ready on a plate or piece of cardboard. Then (if your're using acrylics, like myself) dip your brush in water and mix with the acrylic to get that watercolor look. OR if you have the watercolor, you're ready to start painting. 

Paint hearts in any directions you want, I did mine as rows & columns but there's no rule. You can paint hearts making a zig-zag line, scattered in one corner or just a few all over. 

The same goes for the hearts, notice how mine are not the same size or shape? That's the fun of it, unless you want it to look made by a printer, the unevenness makes for a handmade piece of art!

After you have all the hearts filled the canvas, or which ever design you chose, grab a metallic paint (I used gold), to make a letter in each heart to spell out L O V E!

Voilà, you have a gorgeous piece of art! 

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