Saturday, February 14, 2015

Last Minute Valentine's Day Card

It happens to everyone, you're too busy with work, school or other responsibilities and time just seems to be flying by. Then like out of nowhere, BAM! it's Valentine's Day, and you still haven't bought a gift let alone gotten a card. Don't panic, here's an easy and cute Valentine's Day card you can make. 

-Tissue papers                                    
-Premium card paper or scrap-booking paper       -Pens, markers, colored pencils                                               

Start by cutting petals out of tissue paper (Like shown above).  To make the center cut a 3-inch (or bigger if you want the center to appear bulky) piece of tissue paper and fold in in half lengthwise. Fringe the unfolded edge. Place it on a flat surface, fold in half lengthwise, and loosely pinch together. Dab glue on the folded edge and press around a piece of floral wire. Wrap a small piece of florist tape around the base. It should look something like the picture below. 

Create the flower by stacking two cutouts, bringing the bottom edges together to create a concave shape and glue them around the center. Repeat this to create various layers, or at least 2 layers. 
As shown below. 

Use a hot glue gun to glue them onto your paper, I used premium card paper used for scrap-booking. There you have it, a lovely handmade card for your sweetie, friend, or family member! (Don't forget the chocolates!) 

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 

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