Friday, February 6, 2015

L-O-V-E canvas art

Learn how to make this LOVE canvas art. 

My last canvas art for the week is this colorful LOVE painting. Lots of love to spread this Valentine's Day, show someone how much you appreciate them with this cute gift. They'll know how much effort you put into it and will love that you made it yourself! 


Start by giving your canvas a base coat of one color, so that the background is not white. It can be any color. 

Then start with one color and paint the word LOVE throughout the canvas. Continue the same thing with different colors. You can even use different paintbrushes to get different font sizes. Or you can use a stencil if that's easier for you. 

Keep adding the word LOVE as much as you would like, it's really up to you. The more layers of the word the cooler it looks, in my opinion. 

I added a blueish color to make it pop.. but you can stick to the traditional reds and purples. 

Happy Painting! 

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