Monday, February 9, 2015

Fashion Meets Architecture

Happy Monday! 

This morning I was reading the Architectural Record magazine and loved the Renovation, Restoration, Adaptation section. Take a look at one prime store in New York's Fifth Avenue get a modern, fresh new look.   

In the February issue of Architectural Record, you will see the renovation of aging buildings to be both timeless and contemporary. One in particular, gets a glass-and-steel facade. 

The new Valentino flagship store reflects a sleek, modern and very open approach by David Chipperfield Architects. 
The right materials add elegance and style to the interior. The surfaces and patterns as a whole add an interesting environment which goes hand in hand with Valentino's dramatic attire. 

While the design may seem simple, the use of luxe materials such as leather, oak, marble and gold leaf ceilings gives it that sophisticated glitzy look without overwhelming the space. The use of different scaled stone patterns doesn't intervene with the showcase of Valentino's clothes and accessories. 

The design was done by David Chipperfield Architects, with New Jersey based associate architects Tricarico.  Visit their website to see more of their projects! 

If you have the chance visit the Fifth Avenue Valentino store to see for yourself the outstanding work they did.  Beautiful design! 

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